About Us

Talla is your Service Assistant, bringing an A.I.-powered service desk to HR, IT, and other internal service teams. Manage and prioritize inquiries, automate answering FAQs, and proactively educate your employees, all within chat apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Deliver a better employee experience to your team and keep everyone knowledgeable, engaged, and productive. Founded in 2015, Talla is based in Boston, MA.

Executive Leadership

Rob May

Chief Executive Officer

Byron Galbraith

Chief Data Scientist

Jon Klein

Chief Architect

Catharina Mallet

Chief Operating Officer

Will Murphy

VP Business Development

Juliette Kopecky

VP of Marketing

Matt McMillan

VP of Design

Rob Flynn

Senior Director of Sales

Hilary Ludlow

Director of Customer Success

John Roberts

Senior Director of Product

External Board of Directors and Advisors

Brady Bohrmann

Partner at Avalon Ventures

Board Member

Rich Levandov

Partner at Avalon Ventures

Board Member

Sean Lindsay

CTO of Tapjoy

Board Member

Dan Zigmond

Director of Analytics at Facebook