About Us

Talla's AI-powered knowledge base and intelligent agents bring business teams into the future of automation and insights. The Talla platform uses machine learning to surface relevant information in the right context and keeps constantly changing information up-to-date. Use Talla to onboard new employees, for policy and procedure management and more. Deliver and collect information through chat in the TallaChat application or through Slack or Microsoft Teams. Talla was founded in 2015, and is based in Boston, MA. After more than two years of building AI-powered products, Talla launched the BotChain, a blockchain platform for autonomous agent communication and security.

Executive Leadership

Rob May

Chief Executive Officer

Byron Galbraith

Chief Data Scientist

Jon Klein

Chief Architect

Paula Long

SVP of Engineering

Juliette Kopecky

VP of Marketing

Tara Hendricks

VP of Finance

External Board of Directors and Advisors

Brady Bohrmann

Partner at Avalon Ventures

Board Member

Rich Levandov

Partner at Avalon Ventures

Board Member

Sean Lindsay

CTO of Tapjoy

Board Member

Dan Zigmond

Director of Analytics at Facebook


Rudina Seseri

Founder and Managing Partner at Glasswing Ventures

Board Member