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Customer Testimonials and
Case Studies

Hear how Talla customers use AI and automation to improve support processes.

Improve the Customer Experience
While Improving Your ROI

Customers expect a great support experience, and that means solving their issue quickly and accurately. Talla combines AI and automation to give you the right information at the right time, anywhere you are.

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“Talla has been an absolute game changer in the way our Client Success Team finds information. It’s greatly reduced the amount of time we spend searching for answers down to seconds. The machine learning capabilities are incredible; Talla is able to decipher exactly what is asked and deliver the correct response over 90% of the time.”

Matt Berg
Sr. Director of Client Success Management
SAP Concur

“Talla is the equivalent of the person who knows everything in detail about a company. We encode in every one of our employees brains, if you have a question, whether it’s about anything in Botkeeper, ask Talla. If Talla doesn’t know the answer up front, it will.”

Enrico Palmerino
CEO and Founder

“Our customer-facing teams have the information they need at their fingertips with Talla. They can simply type in their question and get an answer immediately. Our previous knowledge base just couldn’t keep up with our business needs, was a pain to manage, and difficult to use. With Talla, our employees have saved hours of time a week and love that they can rely on always having a trusted source of information.”

Matej Matolin
Head of HR

“Talla has allowed us to offer better, faster, more accurate, and more consistent customer support at any time of the day. Talla automates many of our customer support inquiries by retrieving answers nearly immediately and providing accurate information to support staff and customers, 24/7.”

Spencer Zimmerman VP of Operations