Give Every Employee 24/7 Access to Information They Need

Talla's intelligent assistant instantly provides contextually relevant answers on policies, procedures, benefits and more.

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Cut back on time spent searching for information

Benefits, policies and more vary across levels, teams, and geographic locations. Save everyone at your company time and headaches by providing them with contextually relevant information they need to get back to their most important tasks.


Improve employee experience without additional bandwidth

Providing employees with long, unsearchable documents is a thing of the past. Talla’s supportive assistant allows employees to access the exact content of the policy, procedure or benefit information they need instantly.


Allow your HR team to focus on the people

HR is so much more than repetitive support queries. But too often, teams are pulled away from the more strategic, people-focused tasks for just that. Talla frees you to drive your business forward, keeping an emphasis on the humans by providing an additional resource for everyone.