Finally, an Intelligent Service Desk for HR

Talla is your ServiceAssistant, bringing an A.I.-powered service desk to HR. Improve employee engagement without the overhead, all through Slack.

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With Talla
HR Teams can...

Manage and Prioritize Inquiries

Say goodbye to juggling a constant stream of emails, chat messages, and drop-ins to your desk. Talla gives you an easy-to-use dashboard to manage, prioritize, and respond to inquiries, all in one place.

Answer Repetitive Questions Once

Train Talla on answers to frequently asked questions, giving you the ability to answer, “Do we have Columbus Day off?” only once. Employees will be able to easily ask Talla, and if the information doesn’t already exist, Talla will find it and learn over time.

Keep Employees Engaged

Onboarding new employees too often stops on day one. Employees need information continuously to learn about their job and company. Deliver information as it’s relevant to set employees up for success, all within Slack.

Become a Strategic Business Partner

Automate your repetitive HR tasks and busywork, so that you can focus on strategic initiatives. You’ll have real-time data to understand employee engagement, problem areas, and inquiries. Generate reports to understand the overall health of your organization.


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Deliver Information

Hr slack deliver info

Answer FAQs

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Collect Responses

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Deliver Trainings

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