A.I. Meets Employee IT Support

Extend the IT team with Talla's intelligent, always-on platform to provide employee support on tools, policies, procedures, and more.

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24/7 intelligent assistance

Talla’s intelligent assistant is always on and ready to answer questions about your companies specific I.T. policies, procedures, or software issues, even when the humans in your department have gone home for the day.


Contextually relevant answers

The Talla platform is built to deliver the right information, to the right people. Mac vs. PC, customer support vs. product management, Talla is prepared to sort out and deliver the answers individuals need.


Smart triggers when knowledge is out of date

Get proactive notices that your content may be stale or unhelpful, and avoid duplicate pages with smart triggers. Talla helps your documentation stay relevant, so everyone has a centralized source of support they can trust.