Talla Customer Assist | Automate Customer Chat Support on Your Site

Achieve Zero Contact Resolution
with What You Know

Give your customers 24/7 support that
provides answers instead of search results.

Customer Assist overlay on an example site.

Embed as a chatbot or as a screen overlay on your support site.

Deliver precise answers to customers, 24/7.

Gather feedback from each interaction to help Talla improve over time.

Scale your support operations
with self-service

Leverage your help center to extract answers

You don’t need to write scripts to build a customer-facing chatbot.

Talla extracts answers from the support content your team has already created for your customers.

Answer known customer questions without agent input

Not all customer issues need to be turned into tickets.

Let Talla answer these up-front so your customers can have their issues resolved immediately, and your agents can focus on higher value requests.

Eliminate back and forth ticket interactions

Your agents spend a lot of time asking for clarifying information before being able to resolve the issue.

Train Talla to ask the right follow-up questions before the ticket even comes in.

The machine learning capabilities are incredible; Talla is able to decipher exactly what is asked and deliver the correct response over 90% of the time.

Matt Berg Sr. Director of Client Success Management
SAP Concur

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