Talla Customer Assist | Automate Customer Chat Support on Your Site

Give Your Customers the Support Experience They Want

Automate answering customer support tickets through powerful chatbots directly on your site for fast, easy support that delights customers.

Customer Assist overlay on an example site.

Embed as a chatbot or as a screen overlay on your support site.

Deliver precise answers to customers, 24/7.

Gather feedback from each interaction to help Talla improve over time.

Scale your support operations effectively with self-serve
customer support

Automate Answering
Support Tickets

Resolve commonly asked support questions immediately without any human intervention. This allows your support team to focus on the tickets that truly need their attention.

Back and Forth

Have Talla automatically collect background information and ask clarifying questions before a ticket comes in to arm your reps with everything they need to close it quickly.

Provide Answers,
Not Just Search Results

Talla gives your customers an answer to their question, not just a page of search results they need to weed though. Relevant, accurate information — that’s the power of AI.

Connect with Customers,

Be there when your customers need you, day or night. By automating support, problems with serving customers in different time zones or off-hours are a thing of the past.

Talla has allowed us to offer better, faster, more accurate, and more consistent customer support at any time of the day. Talla automates many of our customer support inquiries by retrieving answers nearly immediately and providing accurate information to support staff and customers, 24/7.

Spencer Zimmerman VP of Operations | Qtego

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