Make Every Support Rep Your Best Support Rep

Decrease resolution times while providing a better customer experience. Give each support rep an assistant that finds information and suggests answers to tickets.

2,000+ Companies Use Talla to Work Smarter

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Always Have the Right Information

Talla gives your support team answers to their questions, not just a page of search results they need to weed though. Helping customers is faster and easier with Talla at their side.

Automate Repetitive Support Tasks

Turn conversations into actions by automating repetitive processes. Answer and execute solutions from one place to close the customer service loop even faster.

Make Existing Workflows Smarter

Collect and deliver the exact information you need instantly with Talla’s Chrome plugin. Whether you’re in email or other systems, the best information is always at your fingertips.

Get Real-Time Answers in Chat

Talla works where you team is. Integrate with Slack, MS Teams or TallaChat to give your team instant access to the information they need.

Close Knowledge Gaps

When a support rep needs information that Talla doesn’t already know, Talla notifies you of the knowledge gap and circles back to the person when the information gets added.

Onboard and Train Reps Faster

Getting new hires up to speed takes time, and can be a resource drain for the whole team. Talla automates onboarding and training to make everyone more productive.

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Our customer-facing teams have the information they need at their fingertips with Talla. They can simply type in their question and get an answer immediately.

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