Talla Agent Assist | Automate Answering Support Tickets

Make Every Agent
Your Best Agent

Decrease resolution times while providing
a better customer experience.

Automate answering support tickets in one click.

Access accurate, precise information anywhere with powerful integrations and the Talla Chrome plugin.

Gather feedback from each interaction to help Talla improve over time.

Give every support agent
their own intelligent assistant

Always have the right answer

Talla gives your support agents answers to their questions, so they can help their customers more efficiently.

Integrate Talla into your workspace and give your team instant access to the information they need.

Discover and close knowledge gaps

Subject matter experts no longer have to answer the same question twice.

When there’s a new question, Talla immediately routes it to an expert, and circles back to the support agent once the answer has been added.

Train new agents quickly and efficiently

Getting new hires up to speed can be a resource drain for your support team.

Let Talla automate this process by being a constantly accessible resource for every new hire from their first day.

We encode in every one of our employees brains, if you have a question, whether it’s about anything in Botkeeper, ask Talla. If Talla doesn’t know the answer up front, it will.

Enrico Palmerino CEO and Founder

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