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Your sales reps need accurate information, and they need it now. It’s the difference between moving a deal to closed lost and closed won. Talla automates keeping your information up-to-date and in the hands of your reps when they need it.

2,000+ Companies Use Talla to Work Smarter

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Give Sales Information They Can Trust

Say goodbye to stale and duplicate content. Whether it’s the latest demo deck, pricing sheet, or sales promotion, your reps will know they have accurate information. Talla automatically validates information to ensure it’s up-to-date.

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Stop Losing Deals to Misinformation

Better train your sales reps. The most frustrating deal to lose is when the prospect chooses another provider because they thought you didn’t offer something you actually do. Talla can deliver trainings, updates, and information automatically to your team.

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Improve Sales Velocity with Real-Time Answers

Integrate Talla with your chat platform or use TallaChat to give your team instant access to information from wherever they are. Looking for the latest information on a competitor? Just ask Talla.

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Know What Your Team Needs

Talla shows you where gaps exist in your current knowledge base so that you can create the information that matters most to your team. If a rep searches for information that doesn’t already exist, Talla will let you know and even circle back with the rep so you don’t have to.

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We are constantly adding new sales and support team members. With Talla, those new team members ramp faster and provide better responses to customers and prospects.

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By Rob May, CEO and Co-Founder of Talla

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