AI and Automation for Customer Support Teams

Reduce Resolution Times Without Sacrificing Quality

Provide reps with suggested answers or fully automate answering support tickets directly to customers. Talla understands your information and keeps it up to date, so either way, your team and customers will always have accurate, precise information.

Fully Automate Answering
Support Tickets

Give your customers always-on, self-serve support that delivers answers to their questions — not just a pile of search results. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce resolution times. It’s a win-win.

Equip Each Rep with an
Intelligent Assistant

Integrate Talla with your chat platform or use TallaChat to give your team instant access to information from wherever they are. Looking for a particular help document or customer information? Just ask Talla.

Give Support Information
They Can Rely On

Say goodbye to stale and duplicate content. Talla handles validating information to ensure it’s up-to-date and can invite others to contribute needed content to a page. Your team will know that they have accurate, complete information that they can trust.

Know What Your Team Needs

Talla shows you where gaps exist in your current knowledge base so that you can create the information that matters most to your team. If a team member searches for information that doesn’t already exist, Talla will let you know and circle back with the person so you don’t have to.

Talla has been an absolute game changer in the way our Client Success Team finds information. It’s greatly reduced the amount of time we spend searching for answers down to seconds. Talla is able to decipher exactly what is asked and deliver the correct response over 90% of the time.


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