Why Chatbots Suck | Talla

Why Chatbots Suck

(But it doesn’t have to be that way.)

Not all chatbots are created equal.

Support chatbots are an important part of any CX strategy. They can help you reduce resolution times, eliminate costly escalations, and automate away monotonous tasks. But more often than not, chatbots don’t meet expectations.

Not smart enough

Chatbots are great at repetitive tasks and pushing data from one system to another, but can’t go much beyond that. Chatbots just aren’t built to continually learn about the nuances of your business, customers, and information. And it’s holding you back.

Have bad information

When it comes to chatbots, garbage in and garbage out. Chatbots are only as smart as the information you give them. And if you’re already struggling to keep your product information up to date, you can’t expect them to give intelligent answers.

Too brittle

The best agents have real conversations with customers to understand their specific needs. It gives them the fuel to best position your product or service for that customer and truly engage with them. A chatbot can’t replace that.

Go beyond simple chatbots with Talla support automation platform

Talla merges AI, automation, and machine learning to equip customer-facing teams with the right information, at the right time.

Precise and 
Accurate Information

Talla uses AI and machine learning to provide the most accurate information to users. No more scanning through pages of results. Get the right answer the first time.

A System that Learns
Continually, Just Like You

Better information, faster resolutions, happier customers, and an overall more efficient support process. That’s the power of Talla’s continually learning AI.

The Power of AI, 
Everywhere You Work

Talla is always there when and where you need it. Your team will always have what they need at their fingertips via web, chat, and Talla’s Chrome plugin.

Automations to Make 
Support Run Smoothly

Automate support activities, build cross-system workflows, and access everything in one place. Make everything you do more efficient.

The PAC Framework: How to Implement AI and Chatbots Effectively

The PAC Framework guides you through how to identify opportunities where AI and chatbots can provide the most benefit to your organization.