Never Answer the Same Question Twice

Organize and share knowledge with an A.I.-driven knowledge base you can talk to. Answer questions and deliver information wherever you are.

Use Talla on your intranet, the web, Slack or Microsoft Teams

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Organize and Maintain Dynamic Information

Talla has the intelligence and conversational skills to route information to the right person at the right time, and reach out to content authors to make sure things stay updated, centralized, and don't go stale.


Turn Any Knowledge Base Article into a Chatbot

Talla's content editor allows you to tag information with a proprietary A.I. tagging system that makes your knowledge easily readable by machine learning models, eliminating the training time typically required to create an intelligent bot.


Solve Your Collaboration Crisis

Collaboration often creates more problems than it solves as everyone uses different tools and keeps data in different places, making it impossible to know what is fresh and current. Talla connects to those sources and helps keep tabs on everything so you can stop searching for what you need and get back to working on the important stuff.


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