The Only Knowledge Base With A Built In Digital Assistant

Talla's digital assistant automates content management around files, documents, and knowledge. Talla takes care of keeping everything up-to-date, relevant, and organized, so you don’t have to, and can aid in delivery and retrieval of key information for employees and customers.

Integrate Talla with your intranet or existing chat platform, including Slack and MS Teams

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Automate Content Management to Say Goodbye to Stale, Duplicate Content

Managing information with traditional knowledge bases just doesn’t work well for most organizations. Information changes so quickly, and keeping it updated in your company’s knowledge base becomes an enormous and onerous task. Talla automatically validates information to keep it updated, relevant, and accessible.

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Eliminate Information Silos and Knowledge Gaps

Talla helps you build out your company’s knowledge base for the first time or improve your existing one. By dynamically requesting content from users on different topics based on the needs of your organization, you can enable all employees to create and share knowledge, and keep information flowing between employees to improve productivity.

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Give Employees Information They Can Trust

Talla provides relevant and accurate information to employees by analyzing and organizing your content. Talla understands that questions like, “What company holidays do we have off?” will have a different answer based on an employee’s location. Talla will learn about your employees and organization to deliver information relevant to them based on who they are.

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Save Employees 6+ Hours a Week

Talla delivers information to your employees when they need it. Automate distributing important information to your team to speed up onboarding, training, and making announcements. And since Talla can be used with Slack, MS Teams, your intranet, or the web, getting information is always where they need it.

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Understand Your Employees Better

Talla’s dashboard gives you insights on what’s on the minds of your employees. You’ll be able to see what questions are being asked, content requests, and which documents are providing the most help.

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Bullshit, Hype, and a Little Magic

How to Make Sense of It All When Buying A.I. Products

By Rob May, CEO and Co-Founder of Talla

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